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WORKSHOPPED 12| LAUNCH Wednesday 31st October 2012

WORKSHOPPED12: Local Design, Global Market: Be an International Designer.

Our Goal - An Australian / New Zealand design product in every home.

Exhibition Dates: Opening Night 31/10/12
Hill Street Precinct Date: 31/10 - 09/11/12
Supa Centa Moore Park : 14/11 - 25/11/12


Designers show their products for the first time on home ground in our annual Workshopped exhibition. We’re always looking for the next product that we can help bring to market. This year’s exhibition, WORKSHOPPED 12, will be one of the single largest events of the Australian design calendar. More than 800 invited guests from design, architecture, manufacturing and media will attend the Opening Night. WORKSHOPPED 12 is FREE to the public. Be a member and receive invites and information JOIN the WORKSHOPPED community

INSPIRING: Now in its twelve year, WORKSHOPPED design exhibition has become a permanent and widely anticipated fixture of the design community. The free exhibition will showcase over 60 designers from across Australia and New Zealand.
Many of the designers have successfully exhibited as part of WORKSHOPPED in previous years and return for WS12, recognising the importance of the prestigious event for showcasing their designs

VITAL: The WORKSHOPPED exhibition is a vital platform for nurturing Australian design excellence and launching the careers of designers. Once again we welcome the Powerhouse Museum in co-presenting this dynamic forum. The WORKSHOPPED exhibition and the highly anticipated opening night, will attract leading figures in design, architecture, manufacturing and media. More than 800 invited guests would be attending the Opening Night.

VIABLE: WORKSHOPPED exhibitions assist in sustaining a creative community. Before the first WORKSHOPPED exhibition in 2001, designers had few avenues in getting their designs in front of the general public. Creating and maintaining successful commercial relationships with industry and the marketplace is also extremely difficult. Many designers who have exhibited at WORKSHOPPED exhibitions have their works in commercial production and exposed to potential buyers. The WORKSHOPPED SHOP presents products designed by Australian designers and available to both wholesale and retail customers.

PROTOTYPE: WORKSHOPPED is more than an exhibition. It’s an opportunity to assist designers in taking their designs beyond the prototype. WORKSHOPPED aims to assist designers in investigating manufacture, management, distribution and retail opportunities.

Our Aim is: “To nurture Australian design excellence and facilitate successful commercial relationships between designers, industry and the market, both locally and internationally.”

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Adam Dyson

WS12 - Adam Dyson

Adam James Dyson was born in 1977 in Adelaide, Australia. He studied Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia between 1997 and 2006. During this time, his formal education was augmented with hands-on experience gained by refurbishing his own home.


Aidan Morris

WS12 - Aidan Morris

Aidan Morris is a bespoke furniture designer/maker based in Wollongong, NSW. With a Cabinet Making trade and a Cert IV in Furniture Design and Technology from the Sturt School for Wood, he runs his own business, Bent Creations, which specialises in high-end contemporary timber furniture and small scale detailed joinery.

Alexandra Smith

WS12 - Alexandra Smith

I have studied Product Design at Enmore Design College as well as Industrial Design at UNSW and am currently working as a freelance designer looking to start up my own company.
I have worked in several creative roles over the past few years including: Halstead Press Book cover design Kimberly Clarke - Kleenex Tissues Packaging design, northandsouth Design Packaging design concept generation Infrasol Engineering Re-branding and graphic design

Alison Jackson

WS12 - Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson is a contemporary gold and silversmith based in Canberra. In 2008 Alison graduated in Visual Arts (Gold & Silversmithing) with Honours from the Australian National University. Since completing her studies, Alison has continued to build her own studio practice. Alison runs a shared collective studio space, Pocket Studio, in Queanbeyan NSW where she designs and produces all her work by hand. She has also worked with design company Fink & Co for over 3 years.

Amy Cunningham

WS12 - Amy Cunningham

Amy Cunningham is a passionate designer and the owner and face of Zema Designs. 
With the vision of creating objects & spaces that tell a story of purity and simplicity, Amy packaged up her design skills spanning from interiors and furniture to styling and graphics to launch the trans-disciplinary studio of Zema Designs in 2006. 

Anara Mailybayeva

WS12 - Anara Mailybayeva

Originally coming from Kazakhstan, I moved to Australia to study Industrial Design in RMIT. During this period I developed my passion for furniture, product and communication design. After graduating with Honours in 2008, I was one of few graduates who were selected to exhibit their products at Milan Furniture Fair. more...

Andrew Elliott

WS12 - Andrew Elliott

Andrew Elliott completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design at the University of Canberra in 2010. Upon the completion of this degree he was awarded the winner of the DIA’s Graduate of the Year Award for industrial design in NSW/ACT, and was nominated and shortlisted for the DIA’s Australasian Student Design Award.

Andrew Grigor

WS12 - Andrew Grigor

Native to New Zealand Andrew is permanently based in Sydney working for one of the world’s leading small appliance manufacturers. Andrew is dedicated to designing engaging and unique products for everyday solutions.

Ascher Abergel

WS12 - Ascher Abergel

Asher Abergel, 34, born in Israel, living in Sydney.
Asher moved to Sydney after completing his Industrial Design studies at the ‘Bezalel’ Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where he focused on sustainable design. His designs are simple and natural, with a focus on functionality and sustainability. 

Ben Wahrlich

WS12 - Ben Wahrlich

Ben Wahrlich's products are smart and iconic, with a strong focus on innovation and originality.
After graduating in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2006, Ben moved to Sydney to follow his passion for industrial design.

Bic Tieu

WS12 - Bic Tieu

Bic Tieu is a Sydney-based contemporary jewellery object designer-maker, very much influenced by the sensibility of the aesthetics in Asian art. Her works investigates these visual languages as her conceptual basis to reinterpret these esoteric ideas within the parameters of contemporary jewellery, wearables and small objects. 

Campbell Boyer

WS12 - Campbell Boyer

Campbell Boyer is an Industrial Designer from Melbourne.
Since graduating in 2005 I've been designing and making functional and sustainable batch or one-off products and furniture and selling them locally in low quantities. These products have been strictly aligned to my rational and logical design process.

Chris Hardy

WS12 - Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy is a Canberra-based industrial designer with strong connections to the Australian design community. Chris is currently a lecturer with University of Canberra, teaching students in areas of design theory, manufacturing, and computer aided design.
Chris leads a multi-tiered practice, specialising in product, furniture and lighting design. He also has extensive experience in design research and development, and providing expert design consulting services.

Chris Shurman

WS12 - Chris Shurman

Chris Shurman is a young and enthusiastic Tasmanian designer.
He is currently in the final year of Masters of Architecture, which he is studying at the University of Tasmania. An interest in detail design and making emerged in the first three years of his architectural training. This encouraged him to pursue a further degree in furniture design, which was completed in 2010 during his time at UTAS.

Christel Hadiwibawa

WS12 - Christel Hadiwibawa

Christel Hadiwibawa graduated with First Class Honours in Furniture Design and moved to Sydney to set up her workshop known as Christelh. Transitioning the workshop into a creative studio that specialises in the design and creation of high-end furniture products for both commercial and residential use has been a tremendous experience.

Daniel Rodridguez

WS12 - Daniel Rodridguez

Daniel Rodriguez a 27 year old graduate of Industrial Design from The University of New South Wales.
Becoming some what of a nomad since finishing my degree I have lived in Tokyo Madrid and Montreal in the past 4 years.

Daniel Vergona

WS12 - Daniel Vergona

Daniel Vergona recently graduated with honours in Industrial Design at UTS. His approach to design is centered around the understanding of materials and the connection of elements expressed in simplicity. His interests lie in natural materials and the connection to the environment as well as the understanding as to how we interact with objects and materials to spawn creativity.

David Pidcock

WS12 - David Pidcock

Born and raised in Canberra, David now operates as a designer/ maker based in Sydney. In 2005 David graduated in Industrial Design with first class honours from the University of Canberra. Since completing his studies David has worked in a diverse range of design roles on projects including street furniture, playground equipment, consumer products and medical devices.

David Knott

WS12 - David Knott

David Knott: Having achieved early accolades as runner up in the Young Designer of the Year, & as a finalist in both the Idea Awards, the prototype development program Launch Pad and the highly sought after Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award – designer David Knott has been nominated “One to watch” by Inside Out, Australia’s leading consumer interiors magazine.

David Malek / Barnaby Miles

WS12 - David Malek / Barnaby Miles

Malek & Miles have a fascination with objects both banal and precious. They have a particular penchant for the kitsch and unusual. Their collaboration has seen them search the streets of Latin America to document forgotten sixties design and more recently raiding the op shops of sydney only to destroy what they have found and turn it into something new.

Donald Corey

WS12 - Donald Corey

Donald Corey is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Appalachian State University and loves to design. Hoping to connect with the people who use his designs on an emotional level, he enjoys adding play to the ordinary and a little fun to life.

Edward Linacre

WS12 - Edward Linacre

Edward Linacre

Edward is driven to understanding design from the intimate to the global scale. Fascinated by the emotional connections one can build with our favourite coffee cup, yet conscious of the disastrous environmental, social and cultural consequences of over-consumption, he aims to develop truly appropriate, responsible and beautiful objects.

Elliot Bastian

WS12 - Elliot Bastian

Elliot Bastianon

Negative Space Design' is the studio name for Australian designer Elliot Bastianon. Studying a BA/BVA at the Australian National University he recently completed his Honours’ year in furniture design. Elliot's interest in making the most out of the unremarkable is what inspires his design process.

Hugh Nagle

WS12 - Hugh Nagle

Hugh Nagle is a young designer living in Tasmania. With degrees and experience in architecture and furniture design, Hugh works across scales from object to the built environment.

Ian Factor

WS12 - Ian Factor

Factor Design founder Ian Factor started his creative career in architecture.
A desire to design and make contemporary heirloom quality furniture saw Ian graduate from the prestigious Sturt School for Wood in Mittagong.

Jackson / Kapica

WS12 - Jackson / Kapica

Chris is an Industrial Designer, originally from the UK, and now based in Wellington, New Zealand. 
In 1989 Nick joined the design department at The Independent newspaper where he was quickly promoted to a team developing the Independent on Sunday.

James Groom / Joel Savage

WS12 - James Groom / Joel Savage

Savage Design was founded by James Groom and Joel Savage in 2011. James and Joel first met at University while they were studying Industrial Design. Even as undergraduates James and Joel enjoying collaborating on projects and bouncing design ideas off each other.

Jessica Louise Wong

WS12 - Jessica Louise Wong

Graduating Industrial Design in 2010 from the University of Technology Sydney, Jessica, sub majoring in Furniture Design, studied the art of furniture design under Adam Goodrum and later Jonathan Ingram where she cemented her appreciation for natural materials and honest design.

Jonathan Ben-Tovim

WS12 - Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Jonathan Ben-Tovim established Ben-Tovim Design after spending a number of years working for design consultancies Goodwin Hartshorn in London and Charlwood in Melbourne.

Karl McIntyre

WS12 - Karl McIntyre

Karl McIntyre

Karl McIntyre is a designer based in Sydney, whose passion for design is to provide consumers with products that are functional without losing aesthetics and style. Karl is an aspiring designer focusing on handcrafted furniture without the look associated with handcrafted products.

Keith Mak

WS12 - Keith Mak

Architectural based designer KMAK sees connectivity among different disciplines of design, where infinite inspirations sometimes come from cross-referencing the most unrelated and creating something extraordinary out of the mundane.

Orchard Keith & Wastney Alexander

WS12 - Orchard Keith & Wastney Alexander

Alexander formed Little Shed Collective with close collaborator and friend Keith Orchard as an avenue to explore lighting and furniture projects. Products from Little Shed Collective discover unique and delightful ways of interacting with the end user, more...

Kenan Wang

WS12 - Kenan Wang

ws 12 Kenan Wang

Kenan Wang is an industrial designer and artist from China. He came to Australia 6 years ago. He finished his Fine Art Graduated Certificate and bachelor of Industrial Design in China.


Luiza Milewicz / Mrk Howard

WS12 - Luiza Milewicz / Mrk Howard

Luiza Milewicz graduated from the UNSW College of Fine Arts with degrees in jewellery and textile design (BAppA) and design (MDes).
Mark Howard graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a degree in industrial design.

Mark Anthony Sorrenti

WS12 - Mark Anthony Sorrenti

Australian Born Mark Anthony Sorrenti Graduated from Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney. With time spent studying at the Politecnico Di milano and experience gained at various consultancies around the globe Mark has now launched his own jewellery collection.

Martin Möller

WS12 - Martin Möller

Martin  Möller (born 1974) completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter in 1993, and continued his education as carpenter and cabinetmaker in the North of Germany. In 1997 he began studying Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg/ Germany, graduating in 2002.

Matthew Conway

WS12 - Matthew Conway

Matthew runs a design studio in Sydney, delivering projects across a broad range of disciplines. Matthew has Exhibited with Workshopped since 2003 and was a finalist of the Bombay Sapphire Design Awards in 2008. The focus of his product development is to produce works that inspire and engage on a personal level, challenging the perception of what things can be, striving to do them in a unique way.


Matthew Pearson

WS12 - Matthew Pearson

After placing 2nd in the “Young Achiever HSC” category at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show in 2010, Matt decided to further his passion for furniture design. Born and raised in Sydney since 1992, he moved to Launceston, Tasmania at the start of 2011 to undertake a Bachelor of Environmental Design (majoring in Furniture Design) at the School of Architecture and Design run by the University of Tasmania.

Michael O'Donovan

WS12 - Michael O'Donovan

Mike O’Donovan is from New Zealand, graduated from Massey University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design. He worked for an architectural mesh company developing bespoke pieces for the lighting and interior design markets. Then crossing the ditch in 2010 looking for another opportunity, Mike has been working for Sydney based product design and lighting companies for the past two years.

Natasha Magi

WS12 - Natasha Magi

Natasha Magi was born in Sydney and grew up in Perth. She moved to Melbourne when she was 18 and then Sydney when she was 20. Natasha is a polymath who worked for ten years in film and television post-production and editing before retraining as an interior designer.

Nic Kelly

WS12 - Nic Kelly

Nic’s passion for craftsmanship is matched only by his urge to create totally unique (and often bafflingly beautiful) pieces. Easily his own biggest fan, Nic’s boundless creativity is neatly offset by his pedestrian background as a civil engineer, and counterbalanced by his enormous bounce.

Patryk Koca

WS12 - Patryk Koca

Patryk Koca

Born in Poland in 1989, Patryk grew up in Sydney where he graduated in Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney. His passions lie in furniture and object design, visual art and engineering. He strives to find ways to incorporate in his designs, the beauty of nature and the precision and intricacies of the machine world. more...

Paulo Szostak

WS12 - Paulo Szostak

Paulo Szostak
 I've been in a 'design' environment since I was a little kid. My mother an Art teacher and my father a photographer and sculptor, they gave me the foundations of a great interest in the Visual Arts and Design.

Richard Harrod

WS12 - Richard Harrod

Graduating from the University of South Australia in 2000 Richard has over 11 years experience designing a wide variety of award winning products. His professional career began at Electrolux designing major appliances for brands such as Westinghouse, Simpson, Kelvinator and Dishlex, before moving onto Sunbeam ... more...

Rowan Turnham

WS12 - Rowan Turnham

Rowan Turnham since finishing high school has done 3 years of furniture design. And has just started Industrial Design. During this period he has produced numerous pieces of furniture which explore the boundaries and limits of materials in all aspects.

Rowen Wagner

WS12 - Rowen Wagner

Rowen Wagner's design work is characterised by clean, functional and honest products. The versatile designer has worked in a range of fields including automotive design, white-goods, design education, street furniture and toy design. more...

Serena Rosevear

WS12 - Serena Rosevear

Serena Rosevear graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, majoring in ceramics, in 2011 and is continuing with Honours in 2012. She is interested in objects; how and why we choose, use, give and discard them, and in the influence they have over our gestures.

Shane Talbot

WS12 - Shane Talbot

Shane Talbot // The Design Division
Fueled by a constant hunger to create, and with a passion for cyan that borders on obsessive, Shane takes greatest thrill in his daily challenge to marry his love of design and photography to produce products that are as thoughtful as they are striking.

Simon J Forsyth

WS12 - Simon J Forsyth

It is the second year Simon J Forsyth, a Sydney based designer, has displayed at Workshopped. An up and coming furniture designer with an interest in all areas of design but a passion in particular for chairs. Simon has also has his work featured at the Melbourne Fringe Furniture exhibition and Inside Out magazine. more...

Stuart Williams

WS12 - Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams of Touching Space.
I established Touching Space in 2006 and am based on the wild island of Tasmania. 
Inspired by wilderness and wonderment, I create objects for the modern world with the environment on my mind in every aspect of my design and manufacturing. more...

Surya Graf

WS12 - Surya Graf

With a background in both Architecture and Industrial Design, Surya has been predominantly working with a focus on furniture design within the urban environment. He has designed products for major street-scape projects throughout Australia and internationally.

Taig Simms

WS12 - Taig Simms

Taig Simms: born in 1992, live in north west Tasmania. i believe that good design should mirror human qualities.  working with a structured design process enhances productivity and allows continuity in design product.

Telesa Pirrello

WS12 - Telesa Pirrello

Within my degree, Bachelor of Design in Interior and Spatial Designat the University of Technology, Sydney I have been studying and thriving from the opportunities and challenges the course has given me.

Thomas Skeehan

WS12 - Thomas Skeehan

Tom Skeehan is a Canberra-based industrial designer who has been involved in various areas of the ACT art and design community for the past 5 years.

Troy Backhouse

WS12 - Troy Backhouse

Troy Backhouse designs a diverse range of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional objects and environments using the manufacturing skills, material knowledge and fine artistic skills he has acquired through the combination of university (BA design) and trade (traditional signwriting) backgrounds often blurring the worlds of design and art.


Vanessa Quirke and Paul Townsin

WS12 - Vanessa Quirke and Paul Townsin

Vanessa Quirke is a manufacturing jeweller with over 25 years’ experience who currently manages her own successful business. 
Having been involved in professional architectural practice for the past 15 years, Paul Townsin developed a burning desire to design products leading him to complete an Industrial Design degree whilst continuing his architectural work.

Vincent Buret

WS12 - Vincent Buret

Vincent Buret 1

Vincent Buret is a Sydney based Designer that believes that modern design should be a perfect equilibrium between functionality, aesthetic and environmental consciousness. Born in Sydney, grew as a global citizen; lived mainly in France but also in Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands, Vincent studied his masters in Paris more...

WS12 - Zev Bianchi

After designing and building many interior structures and various pieces of furniture for friends and associates, I enrolled at Parsons University and completed an extensive Furniture Design History and Construction course to develop my knowledge and abilities.
Returning to Australia in 2002 I furthered my studies now as a product designer at the Sydney Design Institute and have since been working in industry as a freelancer and employee until starting 'Bcompact' in 2011.

WS12 Selected Designers

The Z to A list !


Wong Jessica
Williams Stuart
Wang Kenan
Wahrlich Ben
Wagner Rowen
Virgona Daniel
Turnham Rowan
Tieu Bic
Talbot Shane
Szostak Paulo
Sorrenti Mark
Smith Alexandra
Skeehan Tom
Simms Taig
Shurman Chris
Rosevear Serena
Rodridguez Daniel
Quirke & Townsin Vanessa &  Paul
Pirrello Telesa
Pidcock David
Pearson Matthew
Orchard Keith & Wastney Alexander
O'Donovan Michael
Nagle Hugh
Morris Aidan
Moeller Martin
Milewicz Luiza & Howard Mark
McIntyre Karl
Malek David & Miles Barnaby 
Mak Keith
Mailybayeva Anara
Magi Natasha
Linacre Edward
Koca Patryk
Knott David 
Kelly Nic
Jackson Alison
Harrod Richard
Hardy Chris
Hardwick David
Hadiwibawa Christel
Groom James & Savage Joel
Grigor Andrew
Graf Surya
Galego Gary
Forsyth Simon J
Fereday Tom
Factor Ian
Elliott Andrew
Dyson Adam
Cunningham Amy
Corey Donald
Conway Matthew
Buret Vincent
Boyer Campbell
Bianchi Zev
Ben-Tovim Jonathan
Bastianon Elliot
Backhouse Troy
Abergel Asher
Abalos Dennis