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Exhibition 2017

WS17 Anna and Ricardo - Velce

Velce Active Stool

The Velce Active Stool, with its curved base, encourages healthy posture and gentle movement. By allowing us to rock forward, just as children often innately rock onto the two front legs of their chairs, we can maintain the spine’s natural and healthy curves while activating our core muscles. From this base position we can find gentle rocking movements - side to side, forward and back, diagonally and even twisting - while seated. The importance of ‘sitting well’ is increasingly being realised.
Research suggested that a significant barrier to the adoption of ergonomic seating has been perceptions of it being ‘office-like’. The intention was to create a stool that would improve wellbeing while complementing everyday living spaces.
The Velce Active Stool, available in a variety of models and also bespoke, is made from sustainable timbers finished with natural oils and waxes, some models featuring a brass insignia. An attachable felt cushion is also available for those that prefer a softer seat, with a button that locks into the centre hole.

Anna and Ricardo

Anna and Ricardo Lima-Freeman began Velce just over two years ago - a collection of pieces to inspire and encourage us to move more, improving wellbeing. Velce’s collection includes pieces designed and handcrafted by Anna and Ricardo and also a curation of pieces (including art) from other designers and artists which support the concept of movement-centric design.
Velce is about inspiring and celebrating our body's movement.

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