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Exhibition 2017

WS17 Alex O'Connell

'Frill' Pendant

Each Frill pendant is made entirely from panels of thick saddlery leather,
and are illuminated by a low consumption and decorative LED feature.
The manufacturing processes used in the production of Frill are somewhat derived
from traditional leather-crafting techniques.
Each light is cut and stitched by hand in Melbourne.


Alex O'Connell - AO Innovations

AO Innovations exercises holistic and sustainable principals in the development of seamlessly balanced forms. Melbourne based designer Alex O'Connell appeals to a Niche market by epitomizing the aesthetic harmony of simplicity. The chic and refined quality of the AO Innovations range ensures timelessness throughout the entire collection. AO Innovations utilizes numerous modern manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship to prototype and bring the designer's imagination to life. Various forms include furniture lighting and an extended range of products. These ideas can be transformed into either batch production or larger scale production.

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