Exhibition 2016

WS16 Dora Ferenczi

Dora is a Hungarian born, Sydney based designer. Recently graduating from a degree in Industrial Design from the University of New South Wales, she is passionate about crafting experiences that alter the perceptions and lives of people and her design philosophy naturally leans towards simplicity, honesty and stuff that endures.







‘Plico’ was born from observing the changing practices of office spaces. It came about by thinking and iterating through what the furniture response could be to agile working practices. As the product developed for my Honours year in Industrial Design, it has garnered interest from companies needing the maximise workspaces, seeking flexibility in furniture and creativity in practice.

Plico is a multipurpose collaboration table, offering flexible space configurations, and encouraging freedom of movement and creativity. It is designed to support the dynamic workstyles that take place during teamwork and collaboration activities. 

The ability to reconfigure the table means it can operate both as a standing desk, accommodating up to 8 people, as well as an easily moveable and foldable white board. With space at a premium, Plico helps get the most utility out of working environments with its space saving dual formation capability. Ultimately, it supports workplace wellbeing by providing the opportunity for people to stand, move, connect and create together.

Plico supports an ecosystem of accessories designed to facilitate collaboration. When the texture of a whiteboard surface doesn’t feel right, the attachable paper roll provides a Lo-fi option for recording plans, thoughts, processes, and design ideas.  Additionally, the whiteboard doubles as a magnetic surface creating a platform for a variety of extensions. For example, a magnetic power board can be placed underneath the table freeing up the top surface. The magnetic ‘post it’ notes means endless pieces of paper no longer get lost in the myriad of other working ideas. And being magnetic, all accessories on the table remain in place – convenient and located in ways that make sense for collaborators.

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