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Exhibition 2016

WS16 Anna Freeman (1)

Velce for us, Ricardo and Anna, is about creating something that we are passionate about. Our interests in wellbeing, sport, movement, sustainability and design led us to the Velce concept which we have been able to develop using our collective past experiences in art direction, design, the health and fitness industry and of course by developing and continuing to develop many new skills.







Velce Bicycle Pedestal

Our first piece, the Velce Bicycle Pedestal, was the first piece we developed and handcrafted for Velce and I.

Cycling has the potential to significantly improve urban mobility and public health. The Pedestal tells a story about the bicycle as a piece of sport and leisure equipment, of design and a mode of transport. It is a piece of furniture, which places the bicycle as an important piece in the composition of a room and subsequently acts as a reminder of the importance of the bicycle and how it feels to ride. It is an original piece, with a minimalistic design, that leaves one’s bike alert and ready to ride. 

The Pedestal was designed for an audience who are influential in the development of behaviours and cultures. This audience will place their bicycle on The Pedestal as an inspirational and nostalgic element in their everyday living spaces which will inspire them to ride. This honouring of the bicycle and this audience’s cycling habits will create a ripple effect, strengthening cycling culture and consequently improving urban mobility and public health.   

The Pedestal is made, by us, with upmost regard to sustainability. The pedestal is handcrafted from veneer using hand tools and a vacuum bagging system. For larger scale production hydraulic and CNC technology could be applied. The core is made from hoop pine and a face veneer is then applied to the base and top, at current we are using American Walnut. The piece is finished with natural oils and waxes.

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