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Adam Cornish Flex and Trinity

Adam Cornish completed a degree in Furniture design at RMIT in 2007. Prior to that he studied Industrial Design at University of Technology, Sydney.

"My work is inspired by the forces which interact with our world. When forces meet materials they cause patterns, shapes and structures which are evident in our everyday life.  A force that would completely splinter and destroy a piece of wood will gently ripple and bend a piece of stainless steel in the most beautiful manner. I try to create objects using this simple observation."   

Cornish defines his design process as most similar to that of a musician who must collaborate with other members of the group. His collaborators are forces, materials and technologies. By working with these elements, he creates objects which show their origin and do not hide what they are, or how they were made.   

His work aims to create both visual and physical movement, engaging people’s senses and encouraging them to take a closer look.  

Wooden Hammock


The human spine, and its unique range of motion largely influenced the simple, flexible structure of this design.

Designed as an innovative stylish alternative to the common cloth hammock, the wooden segments allow the hammock to flex and mould to form a wooden cocoon, which cradles the body of the individual user.

Wooden Hammock is designed to be manufactured from a standard sheet of plantation grown plywood, maximizing economy of material whilst minimizing the environmental footprint.


Trinity is a series of three bowls, each utilising the same unique construction method.

Each bowl is concentrically cut from a simple geometric shape, twisted and fused, to form an elegant woven structure.

The simple flat cut pattern is transformed into a beautiful swirling bowl, reminiscent of sea shell structures and is suitable as a centre piece or as a fruit bowl.

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