The "Anime" lighting series was the culminating project of my studies, and was selected from among the best work of all Design - related courses in Australia to be exhibited in the New Design 2001 exhibition. The Anime lights are explorations of the future of the practical object within the home. Their forms are organic, but improbable, adapted to suit the confines of the domestic environment more successfully than their predecessors. This adaptability delivers new function, and a visual presence that rejects the more pedestrian aesthetic touted by the mid - 20th century modernism that has been the impetus for almost all furniture design in the last decade. Anime was consequently awarded the Object Design Award, whereby Object gallery and the Australian Centre for Craft and Design provides financial, professional and media related assistance to the winner. As a result I am currently undertaking a 3 month residency at the Object Studios, where I am completing the following projects, both from self - set, and competitive briefs.

My most recent works are the Ship lights [right], which are driven by a light sensitive circuit. The lights only operate when their remote sensor is exposed to light. By this, the lamps are able to flicker like a candle, or flash like an approaching lightning storm. The form of the lights themselves refer to flame, and work well as a fire substitute in a home.

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